Empowering the Cultivation Industry

Sustainable Greenhouse Consulting.

MJI Solutions is woman-owned, and family-operated sustainable greenhouse consulting company based out of Western New York.

Empowering the Cultivation Industry

Sustainable Greenhouse Consulting.

MJI Solutions is woman-owned, and family- operated sustainable greenhouse consulting company based out of Western New York.

About Us

Our mission is to help educate, and implement policies and procedures to carry through all sustainability goals. 

We want to share our environmental practices, our love for plants, and the positive impact a greenhouse can bring to our entire community.  

Our business is built on a foundation of environmental consciousness, dedication to service, and support for the community that we live and work in.  We have worked hard to build a business, a family legacy, that we are very proud of. 

We continue to work to set the standard of excellence in the industry, for current and future businesses, while providing a nurturing work environment.  

As pioneers, MJI Solutions looks forward to making our mark and becoming an influential part of the industry. Our promise is to empower others and invest in a meaningful change in our community.  

Our Team

Our highly experienced team is on the cutting edge of the industry, looking to growth at every step of the journey.

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Our Focus

With decades of sustainable industry experience, MJI Solutions continues to focus on efficiency and growth in New York State


Progressive Sustainability-Focused Planning

MJI Solutions collects data and consults with farmers, chemists, and other consultants to maximize greenhouse and indoor agricultural infrastructure. MJI believes in farming, processing, science-based descision making, and minimizing our energy footprint in today’s agricultural climate.


Growth & Inclusion For All

In addition to MJI’s growth expansion services, MJI provides business development strategy, assists in sales optimization, pipeline growth and strategic partnerships. MJI continues to navigate complex and ever-changing environmental regulations at both state and federal level.

Economic Development

Encourages Industry Growth In New York State


Focusing on social equity, diversity, and inclusion


Minimizing energy footprint in today’s agricultural climate

Higher Education

Raising public awareness, and higher education partnerships

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